HOCR x Gold Cup Grant Fund

The Head Of The Charles & The Philadelphia Gold Cup Grant Fund, est. 2020

We believe sport can and should be a tool for change in society. The Head Of The Charles and The Gold Cup have partnered to help make our two regattas become voices for positive changes in the sport of rowing. We seek to become more reflective of the Boston and Philadelphia communities in which we reside. We want to champion our sports Black athletes, coaches, referees, and volunteers as we help create a more representative and inclusive future in the sport.

We know that the sport of rowing has been seen as exclusive and containing significant barriers to diversity and inclusion. To create long lasting change, we clearly need to start removing those barriers. With this partnership, we hope to begin the process of making ourselves more welcome and accessible. And, we are encouraging others within the rowing community to join us, both on the water and in our communities.

The Gold Cup and the Head Of The Charles have established a joint program to support rowing organizations that are committed to building and sustaining diversity and inclusion in our sport, with a particular emphasis on programs and communities that have been lacking support and resources.

If you have any outstanding questions, please email us at GoldCupHOCRgrant@gmail.com.

Applications for the 2022 are now available!  Please click the Application tab for more information