Para Rowing at HOCR

HOCR welcomes athletes with physical and intellectual impairments to participate in our Para Rowing Events.  More information about our events can be found below. If you have any questions about our Para Rowing Events please email

  • Race Weekend

    • Parking  – there is very limited handicapped parking along the course. Teams with athletes who already have handicapped placards at home may be eligible for HOCR parking and can contact for questions regarding parking.

    • Accessible Bathrooms/Changing rooms – there are accessible porto-potties at each bank of porto-potties along the race course.

    • Packet Pick Up – for assistance with packet pick-up email no later than Thursday 10/19 at 5:00pm

      • Club or Crew (HOCR rules/guidelines)

    • Launch/Landing Sites – there are various launching and landing sites available along the river. Depending on your crew’s needs, arrangements can be made for fully accessible launch/land sites. Contact for additional information and to make arrangements, if needed.

  • FAQs

    Q: I’m a para athlete and I need assistance picking up my registration packet & bow number – how can I request assistance?

    A: If you need assistance picking up your registration & bow number please email no later than Thursday 10/19 at 5:00 PM.

    Q: Where can my para crew launch/land?

    A:  If launching/landing from Community Rowing Inc. (CRI), parking is available there, and facilities are fully accessible. Other than CRI, the most accessible and stable docks to launch/land are FALS Dock #1 (a.k.a. canoe/kayak dock), and Boston Latin Dock (immediately downstream of Northeastern University’s boat house). 

    If your crew contains a PR1 rower, you may be eligible to launch at the start (fully accessible facilities) – contact as soon as your entry has been accepted, and request launching at the start.  If you are launching at the start, we will assist with moving your mobility items to the dock you will land at, which you may specify. **Unless pre-approved to do so, your crew will not be permitted to launch at the start. As your trailers come into town, we highly recommend that all para/inclusion crews email with your planned launching and landing docks.

    Q: How can I arrange for accessible parking? 

    If your crew contains an athlete who already has a handicapped parking permit at home, they may be eligible for access to HP parking at FALS on race day. AFTER your entry has been accepted please reach out to and request HP parking. 

    Q: I need assistance with my boat on the dock. Will there be someone available to help me carry my boat to the dock?

    A: A Para Advisory Committee member will contact a representative of each crew to address any assistance required by the athlete during launching and landing – so make sure the email associated with your entry is one that you have access to.. This will be our primary form of communication with you. *Please add to your contacts to be sure you receive important information.

    Q: Are there accessible toilets? Where are they located?

    A: There are wheelchair accessible porta potties along the course 

    Q: I have para-specific questions – who can I contact?

    A: You can email  

    Q: Is the medal/awards area wheelchair accessible? 

    A: Yes.

    Q: Do I need to be officially classified to enter a para event?

    A: You do not need an official classification by your National Governing Body to enter or participate in HOCR inclusion or para events. However you must be classifiable in the category you are racing in. In the event of a challenge to a self-classification, you may need official classification.

    Q: I have questions about self-classifying for a para event – where can I send them??

    A: Email with questions. 

    Q: Can I borrow or rent a boat if I can’t bring equipment from my own club?

    A: Renting or borrowing a boat is possible, but must be arranged well ahead of time by the athlete or their coach directly.

    For regular racing shells (non-para), boat rental info can be found here:

    Some equipment may be available from Community Rowing Inc. (para & non-para). To inquire, please email, with a cc to

    Q: I don’t have an inclusion partner. Is there someone who can help me find a partner?

    A; If you need assistance, please email with a cc to Requests for assistance should be made before you put your entry in. When you request help, please include your para classification (PR1, PR2, PR3-PD, PR3-ID) and if you row in a para shell or a racing shell.

  • Eligibility

    Event Athlete Classification Gender Distribution Medal Eligibility
    PR2 Mixed 2x

    Both athletes must be PR2

    Athletes must be mixed gender

    PR2 2x

    PR3 Mixed 2x

    Both Athletes must be PR3

    Athletes must be mixed gender

    PR3 2x

    Para Inclusion 2x

    One athlete must have a classifiable disability

    Athletes can be same gendered

    -Overall 1st place
    –If 1st is M/M there is a 1st F/F medal

    -PR1 1st special medal

    -PR2 1st special medal

    PR3 Mixed 4+

    All athletes must have classifiable disabilities

    2 Female and 2 Male (coxswain excluded)

    PR3 4+

    Para Inclusion Mixed 4+

    50% of rowers must have a classifiable  disability

    2 Female and 2 Male (coxswain excluded)

    Inclusion 4+

  • Registration

    Entry Applications can be submitted on RegattaCentral – please note that Para Rowing Event entries are considered “Institutional”, and should be entered by a coach or club administrator. If you have any questions about our Para Rowing Events please email

    Event 43: Mixed Para PR3 Fours – Defined as All PR3 Athletes, 50% Male/Female
    Event 44: Para Mixed Inclusion Fours – Defined as At Least 50% Para Athletes, 50% Male/Female
    Event 45: Inclusion Double – The Inclusion Double is open to any combination of gender lineups, and is defined as a double with at least 50% Para Athletes. There are multiple divisions/awards within the Inclusion Double event, please find their descriptions below.
    Awards and Special Medals within the Inclusion Double are outlined below:
    • Overall Winner* – Awarded to the fastest boat within the event
    • Female Double Winner – In the event that the Overall Winner of the Inclusion Double is an All Male or Mix lineup, a first place medal will be awarded to recognize the top finishing All Female lineup

    Inclusion Double Special Medal Divisions**

    • Mixed Inclusion PR2: At least 50% PR2, at least 50% Female
    • Mixed Inclusion PR1: At least 50% PR1, at least 50% Female
    • PR3Mix 2x: Both Athletes PR3, at least 50% Female. Intellectual disabilities race within PR3, unless qualifying for PR2 or PR1.
    • PR2Mix 2x: Both Athletes PR2, at least 50% Female

    *In the event a crew with a Special Medal designation wins the Overall First Place Medal, the Special Medal will be awarded to the next fastest crew in that category

    **Entrants will be surveyed at the end of September to elect any Special Medal division that their crew should be designated as