Trailer Registation will open in September 2022.

Trailer spots are no cost and are first come first served. If you are bringing boats that are racing on Thursday and are unable to secure a Thursday slot, please contact the office.

Due to overwhelming demand, institutions wishing to bring a trailer onsite must register in advance. Only trailers carrying 4 or more sweep-oared hulls will be permitted to park on-site. Trailers with fewer than 4 sweep hulls will be asked to unload their equipment and park at a secure lot upstream.  We have a cap of 100 trailers. We will open the trailer waitlist after the initial 100 spots are filled.


There is no official practice (no safety launches, no river control) any day during the week leading up to the Regatta. Rowing at any time before the official FALS and SADL docks open is at your own risk. Official Practice is open on Friday to all crews and scullers after racing has concluded at 12pm. All boats must be off the water by 6:00 PM.  No boats will be permitted to launch after 5:30 PM.  The course will not be open for practice on Saturday or Sunday.


Rowers of singles and doubles may store their boats and launch from the Singles and Doubles Launch (SADL) at Magazine Beach, off Memorial Drive on the Cambridge side of the Charles River. Limited parking is available for cars carrying shells.

Parking Regulations at SADL:

    Cars dropping off boats will be directed to the “drop off” site with a 20 minute restriction to unload any hulls and equipment.

    Competitors racing a 1x or 2x and launching from SADL may park for a maximum of 3 hours.  Space is limited and not guaranteed.

Driving to SADL

I-90 (Mass Pike) East to Exit 18 Brighton/Cambridge. Follow signs to Cambridge. Proceed through several traffic lights and cross the Charles River via the River Street Bridge. Once across the bridge, take a right onto Memorial Drive so the river is on your right. Magazine Beach is on the right about 1/4 mile downstream of Riverside Boat Club, beyond the large Shell sign.


Boat launching and storage space will be available at the Finish Area Launch Site (FALS) on Soldiers Field Road on the Boston side of the Charles River, between Eliot Bridge and Northeastern’s Henderson Boathouse. FALS consists of one large parking lot adjacent to the finish line, and three smaller lots nearer to Eliot Bridge. Trailers will be parked very closely together and not necessarily in close proximity to the launching docks. The Regatta will provide racks and space near the docks for storage and rigging of boats during the weekend.

Driving to FALS

I-90 (Mass Pike) East to Exit 18 Brighton/Cambridge. Follow signs to Cambridge. Proceed through several traffic lights and cross the Charles River via the River Street Bridge. Once across the bridge, take a LEFT onto Memorial Drive so the river is on your left. Continue for 1.6 miles. When the road forks (near the Cambridge Boat Club), stay to the left, following signs for Watertown/Newton. Proceed through the traffic light, staying in the left or center lane to approach the Eliot Bridge. While crossing the Eliot Bridge, move to the right, and then turn to the right, following signs for Newton. A Regatta Volunteer will meet trailers for registration and then direct them to a parking space. Please use the utmost caution when traveling on Soldiers Field Road, which is not designed for large vehicles. DO NOT attempt to drive under any overpasses on Soldiers Field Road. A portion of this route closes at 8:00 AM Saturday and Sunday.

FALS Trailer Parking ARRIVAL

Sweep Boats: The FALS area will open for trailer parking on on Thursday, October 21st from 11:00 AM-4:00 PM and from 7:00 AM—6:00 PM on Friday, October 22nd. All trailers must approach the area from the Eliot Bridge end of Memorial Drive/ Soldiers Field Road. A Regatta volunteer will meet all trailers and issue the driver a parking permit for a specific area and direct the driver to that area. Courteous cooperation with their direction is expected.

Please enter the required permit information and leave the completed permit on the driver’s side dashboard of the truck. If the driver chooses to take the truck, please place the permit in the plastic sheet protector provided, and attach it to the trailer with provided zip ties.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY WE MUST BE ABLE TO CONTACT THE TRUCK OPERATOR. Trucks that detach from trailers and leave the parking area may not be able to return until Sunday afternoon.

Due to limited space, preference will be given to fully loaded trailers. Trailers with fewer than FOUR (4) Sweep Hulls will be required to off-load boats to FALS racks and park empty trailers in an overflow lot 2 miles further upriver.

NO OTHER VEHICLES ARE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE PARKING AREA.  All unauthorized parked vehicles will be towed.

Vehicles carrying only single or double shells will not be permitted to enter the FALS. They will be directed to the Singles and Doubles Launching (SADL) area at Magazine Beach to offload their boats to racks. No trailer parking is available at Magazine Beach, but there is limited space for cars carrying shells.

FALS Trailer Parking DEPARTURE

All trailers and equipment must depart by 7:00 PM on Sunday of race weekend. Below, please find directions on the easiest way to return to the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Pull out of the lot and take a right onto Soldiers Field Road, continue past the Northeastern University Henderson boathouse.  There’s a ramp to the right, go up that ramp and take a left onto Western Avenue.  Follow Western Ave for a couple miles until you reach the Charles River.  (You’ll know you’re there when you’re forced to take a right hand turn because the bridge over the Charles for Western Ave is a one way coming at you.)

There is a sign at that right hand turn for the Mass Pike. After that turn, take your next right to get on the Mass Pike.

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